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What is

Mindthebite has been created to make eating healthy easy and to help you set good eating habits. We can home prep balanced meals for you and your family. We provide support to change your eating habits and can help you get started with balanced meals and guide you through our personal consultations depending on your individual needs. 


  Over the years nutrition research has been somewhat lacking and this has led the people in the media to tell the public what's healthy and what's not. Unfortunately a lot of the information that has been exposed does not have evidence - based science to support it.
 During my studies on alternative medicine I have experienced being taught the same lacking information that does not have sufficient evidence to support it. My  experiences have led me to be able to separate the facts from fiction when it comes to taking care of health.
 On this site, I would like to make it easy for those who want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle by offering my guidance, support both at home and online through means of evidence based research.
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