Meal Prep

(Zürich, Zug & Lucerne city)

Our meal prep service has been designed to help you or your family to eat healthy as easily as possible to save time for the important things.


What happens after you purchase a meal prep service?

  • You choose if you want the food to be prepared at the comfort of your kitchen.

  • You choose if you want the food to be delivered to your door.

  • Our weekly menu is adapted to personal nutritional If you have any allergies, food intolerances or food preferences, we take meticulous responsibility to respect your food requirements.

  • When you purchase 5 days worth of meals, your food is freshly prepared every two days. This means we can visit your kitchen every two days or deliver the food to you every two days.

  • Some assembly may be required...meaning we do the cooking, chopping, preparing for you and all you need to do is eg. dress your salad, combine the ingredients of your breakfast and enjoy!

  • Evidence - based research in food and nutrition is an important part on how we decide what should be eaten, when and how much of a good thing you should eat.

  • ​After your booking one of our experienced cooks will either visit your kitchen with fresh groceries to prepare delicious food, clean up and place it in your fridge for your convenience or have it delivered to your door. It's that simple!

Online consultations

During our sessions we will uncover what may be holding you back from reaching your health goals. I will provide the guidance for you to overcome those obstacles and we will focus on the essentials to build healthy eating habits.


How do the consultations work?

  • Our consultations are held online via chat or face to face conversations. 

  • Consultations are a safe space to talk/chat and your information is completely confidential.


What happens during the consultations?

We understand that everyone responds to changes differently and need different methods to make those changes.1 on 1 consultations are extremely personal and this is different in each individual’s experience. What one person is struggling with is not the same as what another person may be going through therefore each consultation is different for each individual.


Here are some of the topics we may cover depending on the individual:

  • Review of the self to have an understanding of the self and help see one’s own habits as they are.

  • Learning how to listen to your body and hunger levels

  • Understanding portion sizes

  • Understanding cravings and changing habits

  • Applying self-motivation and continuance of the changes you make

  • Support after you’ve made the needed changes to form permanent change.


Are consultations suitable for me?

Our consultations are purely designed to help you make healthy choices and break away from the not so great choices. By learning how to consciously make decisions that are good for you, setting new habits will become natural.

You may find our sessions helpful if you find yourself experiencing the following:

  • struggling to find balance with your food and body.

  • Contending with your inner voice that is limiting your ability to believe in yourself to reach your potential. 

  • Trying numerous diets, apps, calorie counting and failing to reach or sustain your health goals.

  • Criticizing yourself and using negative-self talk if your body’s measurements are not meeting your expectations. 

Diet Makeover

What is Diet Makeover?

Over time our taste buds can become accustomed to certain foods that may not be the best for us in terms of nutrition. These foods can be high in sugar, high in salt, high in saturated fat and very low in the nutrients that our body requires to function at its optimum. Unfortunately these types of foods can be addictive and the more we consume these foods, the more we crave them. It can be easy to overeat foods that are low in nutrition as the feeling of satiety is reached much later than if you were consuming foods with a higher satiety value, meaning nutrient dense foods. 


These low nutrient foods can be cookies, chocolate, a bag of chips, lollies, energy drinks, soft drinks...etc. They may be containing artificial sweeteners that can cause you to overeat. Additionally, many foods also contain food additives that present the risk of altering one’s hormones which can make it even more difficult to stop consuming them.

In review of the five senses of the human body (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami), the program will help you experience the taste of foods as they are and train your taste buds into enjoying/learning the natural flavour of foods. 

If you are someone who is used to adding sugar, milk to your coffee/tea or soy sauce/ketchup to your meals, this will help unmask the true flavour of the foods you enjoy and help overcome your personal taste sensitivity. It could mean that without the additional toppings, you don’t really like that particular food/drink after all.

The aim is to learn to enjoy the foods in their natural form, dissolve existing food addictions and in return form or get back to better eating habits. 

The random outcome from the program can be sustainable weight loss.