Our Services

Meal prep at your home or delivered to your door

Meal preparation for you and your family. All meals are prepared with consideration given to your dietary requirements. The meals are planned carefully with nutrition in mind to provide balanced food intake for a healthy body and mind.


Family style (4 people) - Meal prep

5 days = CHF250

Less is More

During our online session, I will help you unravel the habits that might be holding you back from the change you desire. Our sessions will cover the building blocks of how to create a sustainable healthy living suitable for you.
The ongoing sessions and support will be designed custom to the individual to help you maintain your goals after you reach them.

Nutritional coaching for 3 months with ongoing support after 3 months period ends = CHF650

Single consultation - 60mins = CHF60

Trial Offer 5 days = CHF100

Rediscover  Taste

This program can help you reset your taste buds and help you transition into eating healthy. This re-set program can help overcome a sweet tooth or a recently developed  habit of over snacking. The program includes meals for one and coaching.

Diet Makeover for one

Meal prep - 10 days


14 days of nutritional coaching


Tel :+41 077 536 91 21

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